Company Profile

At SBT our sole focus is on providing IT support for small businesses. This is unique in our industry as many IT support vendors find that to maintain their business they must focus on the larger clients and bigger deals. Our approach alleviates these motivations by having an affiliate company (Palitto Consulting Services) to handle the needs of larger clients. By solely focusing on “mom and pop shops”, we provide timely service as well as a vision for technology that will support growth.

SBT Team

Our clients come from a variety of backgrounds. Some partner with us to augment the skills of an onsite IT employee. Others are small businesses who have never had the need for IT assistance but continue to grow and find their network no longer manageable. Still others need help with a specific project such as a cloud migration, wireless network overhaul, difficult virus infection, or data recovery from a failed hard drive. Wherever you find yourself as a small business, we are prepared and happy to assist you.

By pulling in the expertise and experience of our affiliate companies, we provide a one-stop shop of IT services. On top of our existing networking services, we offer custom programming, VoIP expertise, and website design.

Team Member Profiles