Digital Transformation Case Study: A Phone Solution Brings Huge Efficiencies

It has been a challenging time for businesses this past year. However, there is a bright side. One such case is that many institutions and companies have had to better utilize available technologies. Some have had to more fully adopt technologies they were already using. Others needed to find new solutions to fill new and/or existing needs.

At Small Business Technologies, we believe we are going to look back on this period and see that a lot of digital transformation occurred. As a society, we are already seeing it on a variety of levels.

We have been encouraged by the digital transformation that occurred with our clients in 2020. We expect this momentum to continue through 2021 and beyond.

Here is just one example of the steps our clients are taking.

A Client’s Pain Point

One of our customers loved answering the phone. The personal touch and the ability to quickly handle customer orders and other needs were highly valued. This particular client is also seasonal, which means call volume spikes at certain times of the year.

The end result is that you had one, two, or even three employees, who had other duties, continually answering the phone. The continuous interruptions negatively impacted other workload and duties.

Then 2020 and Covid-19 happened, and call volumes increased even more. The staff could no longer handle the influx of calls.

The Solution

In stepping back, we realized that a large percentage of the call volume had to do with a few common questions related to the seasonality of the business. Customers were calling looking for a very quick answer about a timely topic.

The nature of our customer’s business is that they don’t necessarily have a complex network of phones and extensions. The key was the front gate, the very first few minutes a customer called in.

Our team implemented a VoIP solution that was relatively easy to set up, which included an auto attendant. The software also included an intuitive and simple admin page. This allows our client to go in and change some of the commonly asked questions and answers at the beginning of the call.

The Result

Call volumes dropped, and rapidly. In fact, 80 percent of calls were now handled by the first minute or so when clients called in. Their questions were answered by the automated attendant, and they no longer needed to talk to a team member.

Furthermore, our client has multiple locations, some of which close during “offseason.” This system makes it easy for them to redirect those phone numbers during those times so customer service never skips a beat.

This is just one of many examples of how technology can help serve our clients’ needs. In this case, it wasn’t a complicated implementation. It was a matter of stepping back and seeing what could be done to address what was clearly a pain point.

Digital transformation will continue in 2021. Businesses that are resilient and ready to implement new technologies into their business process will continue to survive and thrive during this time. Reach out to our team if you have a pain point you would like to discuss. We’d be grateful for the opportunity to help serve your needs.