By focusing on three main categories of IT (Protection, Productivity, and Preparedness), we have come up with a way to simplify the IT needs of small businesses. This model allows us to tackle your IT challenges with a roadmap that has proven successful by establishing a coordinated plan for how technology needs to be addressed in a business environment.


ProtectionSBT places high priority on protecting your business data and network. Through a security strategy called “Defense in Depth”, we utilize different cyber defense strategies that complement each other to provide superior protection.

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PreparednessSmall businesses will face many unknowns throughout the course of time. One thing is certain, if your business interfaces with technology in any way, you can count on technology failure. With proper planning and technology in place, business owners need not fear these events or lose sleep at night over what if’s, but can fully trust this into the hands of SBT.

A few of the specific parts of this planning process include:


PerformanceProductivity consists of the systems needed to allow you to operate your business at full capacity. Operational productivity can be affected if systems are not carefully planned out to meet your needs.

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