PerformanceProductivity, in regards to technology, is the systems needed to allow you to operate your business at full capacity. If these systems are not carefully thought out by a technology professional and are simply a result of haphazard decision making, operational productivity will suffer greatly. Simple solutions such as purchasing a SSD versus HDD, upgrading wireless equipment to allow for greater bandwidth, a faster internet circuit, and spam filtering, can save your employee’s multiple hours per week.

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Spam Filtering

On average, 62.57% of our clients email is spam and viruses. That’s more than 6 out of every 10 emails that is junk and has to be filtered through. Many businesses these days don’t know that there is an easy fix to this time waster that is also very affordable.

Example: Let’s take an idealistic approach and say that it only takes 15 minutes a day for this user to filter through unwanted emails. At 15 minutes per day, times 260 workdays in a year, that’s 65 hours per year. Take 65 hours times $10/hour for an entry-level employee, and that’s $650/year/employee.

Depending on how many users you have on your email system, the average cost of spam filtering per year for that employee would have been between $24-36/year. The cost savings and productivity increase is obvious and goes without explanation.

Office 365

With Microsoft’s cloud offering for small businesses, productivity systems that were once only accessible from your desktop computer, are now available on any device. This includes Email, Calendar, Instant Message, File Storage, Microsoft Office, and other business features. Not only are these available on these devices but they are also fully synchronized with each and every device.

Gone are the days when you would need to delete emails on multiple devices, or have calendar items that are only entered on one device. Experience the new workplace with Microsoft’s Cloud offering.

Remote Connectivity

For most small businesses, the traditional 8am – 5pm workday is no longer a reality. With the influx of devices these days, your customers want data faster and at all hours of the day or they may go elsewhere for service. With these demands, it’s essential that you have access to business systems from any location, and on any device. No matter the demands or how much data is required, we can engineer a solution that will keep you just as productive on vacation as you are in the local office.

Internet Connectivity

This one service has quickly become the main conduit for all business activity. This includes internet searching, phone lines, hosted applications, remote access, email, and on and on. This decision however is more complex than it used to be. Not only do you need to decide which provider to pursue, but then which WAN technology (Cable, DSL, Fiber, T1), how much speed, and static IP addressing.

It’s easy to get lost without some technical guidance. We can help you in this process to ensure that you don’t make a critical business decision based on the marketing tactics of ISP’s.

LAN Sizing

When it comes to engineering local area networks, vendor and product selection is critical. Phone systems, wireless networks, switches, routers, and printers are just a few of the options that you’ll be required to decide upon. Many of these vendors make big claims that don’t end up performing well in a business environment. The best course of action is to speak with those who’ve had experience with many of these vendors to avoid network downtime, service interruption, and underpowered equipment. Allow us to be your trusted advisor.

PC/Server Sizing

Arguably the greatest component in how productive your staff be, is the component of pc and server choice. Many factors play into the decision of each individual component of the machine. A few of these choices may be 3Gbps vs 6Gbps SATA interface, processor selection, operating system compatibility with Line of Business applications, HDD speed, and many more. A big box store doesn’t have the capacity to consult or to build a machine based on your business’s needs, nor can they be expected to.

If you don’t understand each component in this selection process ( ie CPU, RAM, HDD, Power Supply, Operating System, RAID…) please partner with us for the success of your business. We understand the critical nature of these decisions and will take time to carefully review your current network, applications, and future plans to properly engineer these devices.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Ongoing insight into network activity and maintenance on critical systems has become crucial to maintain uptime. Activity logs of successfully backups, successful restore from backups, virus reporting, Firewall security reports, firmware updates, RAID testing, and others are essential pieces of information. With a proper maintenance and monitoring plan in place, you can rest knowing that the health of your business network is in the hands of a trusted advisor.