ProtectionDefense in Depth: The following technologies are each a crucial part of an overall network security strategy called Defense in Depth. Each one plays a unique role that no other can make up for and the end device suffers without. We’ve offered a brief overview of each but would love to better explain how this web of protection is not only simple, but affordable for small business’s.

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Although not the complete solution that it once was, Anti-Virus should still be considered a must-have part of your overall computer security strategy. Over the years, we’ve worked with nearly all of the best vendors and have a few that we’ve grown to trust with our client’s security. To note, not all anti-virus vendors are created equal.

Take for example Microsoft Security Essentials, which is a free product licensed for home and business use. This software has been repeatedly rated as having sub-par detection rates by numerous vendors.

Patch Management

A common attribute of virus’s and hackers is that they often exploit out of date or unpatched systems. Vendors such as Adobe, Java, Microsoft, Google, etc. are often coming out with security updates and patches every few weeks. Without a proper solution to keep these software packages up to date, systems are extremely vulnerable to being exploited. Our customers enjoy peace of mind knowing that the proper measures have been taken to avoid unnecessary exploitation and downtime.

Next Generation Firewall

With the influx of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and the latest craze the IoT (Internet of Things), corporate networks are no longer secure with merely anti-virus software. How can you ensure that personal devices aren’t exploited, and can’t exploit your data?

NGFW’s are able to label devices based on operating system, user, device type, and other measures. They also include services such as Intrusion Prevention System, Web Content Filtering, Anti-Virus (running on the firewall), Application Awareness, and HTTPS filtering. These technologies once reserved for Enterprise business’s, are not only readily available in the SMB market, they are crucial for protecting client data and preserving uptime.

Spam and Antivirus Filtering

Some of the latest and most potent threats to corporate America are coming in the form of email. These emails are highly disguised as legitimate and often targeted to you specifically. Emails containing fake invoices, UPS shipment information, business proposals, and many others are commonplace and must be dealt with.

There are 2 parts to dealing with this, which include user training and awareness, and Spam/Antivirus filtering. Modern filters can nearly eliminate these threats before they even reach your inbox so that you don’t have to decide what is legitimate and what is a threat. We are also available to you for user training as we have years of experience sifting through these threats.

Mobile Device Management

Smartphones, iPads, laptops, and other highly mobile forms of business devices, are essential for the small business of today’s society. Users have critical data in the form of email, file syncing apps, and industry productivity apps loaded onto these devices, so it is critical that we protect them in the same way as we would our computers.

These devices have now become a big target in the forms of virus’s, exploits, and thefts. One of the only ways to fully protect against business data loss is to have a MDM platform where features such as Encryption, Remote Wipe, Remote Lock, Locate, Scream, and others will help to protect your data from getting into the hands of the wrong person.