Damon Lucas

Damon was born and raised in Indiana and graduated from Huntington North High School. After graduation, he enlisted in the United States Army as an Infantryman. During this tenure, he endured one combat deployment to the Middle East and held several positions with a primary focus on people-based leadership. After approximately four and a half years, he decided to transition into a role as a helicopter technician to further his development. During this time, he deployed 2 more times and continued this occupation for a further four years. After the completion of this tenure, he then transitioned to the Indiana Army National Guard to further help other young Soldiers further their career. With a total of almost eleven years in the military, he made the decision to leave in order devote more time to his family. In reflection of this time with the military, he felt blessed to receive many opportunities for many different positions. His most prized achievement in the military, however, was taking care of people and helping others. Even after leaving the military, he could not keep himself from wanting to help others and was blessed with the opportunity to join SBT as a Network Engineer. He now is still able to put others first and devote more time to his family and others first with complete integrity!