Orin Graf

Orin Graf

Orin joined our team in May 2021. With our growing team, and an ever-growing number of customers, we are grateful to have Orin on board to support our efforts.

Orin assists in a wide variety of areas to keep the operations of our business moving smoothly. This includes assisting in the development of proposals for our engineers as well as other important tasks that fill in certain gaps in our workflow.

Having grown up within the context of his father’s small family general contracting business, Orin has learned the important of a strong work ethic. Those formative years laid a very important foundation. Since that time, Orin has had other opportunities that allowed him to develop his people skills. Having hit the ground running at SBT, Orin has continued to grow his communication and technology skills.

In his free time, Orin enjoys spending time with friends and family, as well as spending time with his dog. He also loves to kayak and even enjoys hand-splitting wood.

We appreciate Orin jumping in and serving our team and our clients!