Windows Defender Hoax

At Small Business Technologies (SBT), we’re dedicated to safeguarding your digital assets. Recently, we’ve identified a scam known as the Windows Defender Hoax.

This scam tricks users into believing their computer is infected, prompting them to call a fake support number where scammers seek remote access to their devices.

Scammers purchase ads, often through platforms like Google Ads, leading users to a website mimicking a Windows Defender alert. This site urges users to call a support number and allow remote access to their device. Although the website itself may be harmless, the actions it prompts are designed to enable unauthorized access and data theft.

Here are some important tips:

  • Be wary of unexpected pop-up alerts and advertisements that prompt you to call a support number.
  • Never grant remote access to your computer unless you are certain of the service‚Äôs legitimacy.
  • If you encounter suspicious activity or warnings on your computer, contact your IT professional or a trusted support service directly.

At SBT, your security is our priority. By staying informed and cautious, you can protect yourself from scams like the Windows Defender Hoax. For any questions or assistance, please reach out to our team.